Essential Nature

Walking helps us reveal our essential nature: guided by the force of longing to discover through our senses, and later process, judge, arrange and learn from the subject. It also revisits the steps we have gone through, discover our feelings, awaken the ones we believed missing, and the ones that even against our will flourish. Some would say that this justifies the live elapsed since the first time we perceive and the second… To me the answer is simple: we never fully learned the subject, just a shade of it. This collection presents this reality: the limitations of our senses to absorb the absolute, and the constant internal struggle to understand what is missing between what is learned, and what we intuit is.

Event Details

Galería Nacional
Centro Costarricense de Arte y Cultura
Museo de los Niños
March 3rd-29th

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La artista costarricense Silvia Monge, presenta su más reciente exposición “Naturaleza Esencial”. La muestra incluye 11 acrílicos y 8 obras elaboradas con vidrio y se mantendrá hasta el 29 de marzo en la Sala III de la Galería Nacional.

Galería Nacional
March 3th, 2011

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